2019 Participating Choirs
Rollo Dilworth, Festival Conductor

The Frederick Children’ Chorus
Judith L DuBose, Founder and Artistic Director

Hampshire Young People’s Chorus
K. C. Conlan,  Founder and Artistic Director

Phoenix Children’s Chorus – Concert Choir
Andrea Squires, Director

Phoenix Children’s Chorus – Encore
Troy Meeker, Director

Ragazzi Boys Chorus
Kent L. Jue, Associate Artistic Director and Executive Director

The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio
Dr. Ryan Garrison, Artistic Director

San Diego Children’s Choir
Ruthie Millgard Director

Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir
Janet M Hostetter, Artistic Director

Young Voices of Colorado – Concert Choir and Signature
Jena Dickey, Founder and Artistic Director

Young Voices of Colorado – VoiceMale
Tyson Repke, Director